Kythnos & Mykonos

Leaving from one of the Marinas in Athens you sail past Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon that stands guard over the Aegean and head towards Kythnos for your first swim in Cycladic waters. This is the moment to become acquainted with the arid, rocky scenery with random green spots where thyme and caper bushes and the occasional fig tree grow. It’s a landscape you will be seeing for the next week, as the Cyclades are renowned for their rocks and their brilliantly blue sea that contrasts with the luminous white of the villages and the small churches that sit perched all over the islands. 
From Kythnos straight to Mykonos, possibly the most famous Greek island (bar maybe Santorini)! It maybe exalted for its nightlife, as a jet-setters’ destination since the 60’s, but its beaches are also fabulous and its shopping quite incredible. Lose yourself in the winding cobbled alleyways of Matoyiannia and discover wonderful little boutiques, amazing Greek designers side by side with their international colleagues, along with bars and restaurants.