It’s a wrap on the Olympic Yacht Show

NEWS & EVENTS - 11 Oct 2021

article It’s a wrap on the Olympic Yacht Show banner image

With beautiful boats and elegant kiosks, the Olympic Yacht Show opened its gates on the first day of October at the Olympic Marine, in Lavrio. The big yachting festival run until October 5 and visitors, after several years, had the opportunity to be accompanied onboard boats in their natural environment.

Our team, was able to showcase Cantiere del Pardo’s eye-catching walkaround range to potential buyers, owners, and interested onlookers. At the show, we brought along Pardo’s 38-, 43-, and 50-foot yachts.

Taking curious and excited visitors through every detail of the 3 yachts on display, we finally had our fill of doing what we love: express our passion for yachting and the brands we represent.

Click here to view a short clip from the OYS.

The boat fair was organized by ONDECK Events in collaboration with Olympic Marine SA.