Bluegame is always one wake ahead, actually two.

NEWS & EVENTS - 09 Sep 2022

article Bluegame is always one wake ahead, actually two. banner image

With the BGM75, the Ameglia shipyard enters the multihull segment and yet again does so with a groundbreaking vessel that looks to the future, a platform for innovation that confirms the leadership in sustainability achieved by the group.

Something new is in the air, or rather in the water -- but just what is it?

It is the new Bluegame, shrouded in mystery and ready to break the rules. How was it created? The BGM75 is the first model in the new BGM range with which Bluegame enters the multihull segment. Indeed, it could be said, with which Bluegame creates a parallel segment, far away from the multihulls to date on the market.

The BGM75, consistent with the Sanlorenzo Group's positioning, is first and foremost a luxurious, beautiful motor yacht that "by chance" has not one hull, but two. Not even in this last feature can it actually be compared to an existing catamaran on the market, as the length-to-width ratio, layout, full-beam owner's cabin, the reduced space required for mooring in the marina, and the cushioned perception of movement at sea, brings it closer to a mono hull yacht.

From the multihull, the BGM75 benefits from increased stability, large volumes, and reduced fuel consumption.  It is in this last aspect that, with the BGM75, the shipyard expresses its full design capacity in the field of sustainability.

An ultra-efficient hull derived from the America's Cup, designed by Philippe Briand, a world-renowned expert in the design of performance hulls, optimisation of the Volvo IPS propulsion system with 50% less power required than mono hull vessels of the same volume, use of carbon for the hull, use of lightweight materials for all non-structural parts and all furnishing components, all contribute to an impressive reduction in fuel consumption.

To fully understand the magnitude of this reduction, some figures based on a comparison of BGM75 equipped with 2 x Volvo 600h with a 90' displacement vessel (comparable volume) equipped with 2 x MTU1200 for 300h use: - 220 l/h, equivalent to -175 tonnes of CO2, - 66,000 litres, for a commensurate reduction of 120,000 euro!  

An additional detail of attention to sustainability is the production of 5kW of green energy, guaranteed by the 56 solar panels that can be installed on the deckhouse.

Experts of the caliber of Bernardo Zuccon and Piero Lissoni, tried and tested collaborators of the brand, have fully grasped the power of such an avant-garde project, giving a "futuristic" contribution to the external lines and a smart use of the interior volumes, such as to make one forget that they are distributed over two separate hulls.

Maximum comfort, refinement and distinctive liveability are the hallmarks of all Bluegame models.