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Probably the only commitment that can set you free

There is one commitment we know of that will not limit your freedom. That will set you free to sail anytime, anywhere, on your own terms. Explore the unlimited possibilities of becoming a yacht owner. Check out our inventory of pre-owned luxury yachts, or come talk to us about a new building. Build or buy? There is no answer that fits all!

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Preowned yachts for sale

Search our impressive range of Pre-Owned luxury yachts

Browse our impressive list of pre-owned luxury yachts that are looking for a new owner. With our knowledge and understanding of yachts and people and our extensive experience as brokers you can trust us to find you the perfect match

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The ultimate thrill

For some, the ultimate thrill is to acquire a brand new yacht and be able to partly customize it.  We have the knowledge, experience and partners to make this come true in the most professional way.  Our long-term relationship with some of the world’s most prestigious yacht manufacturers gives you numerous options to choose from. And whatever your final choice, our knowledgeable team will guide you through the procedure making your new building the thrilling experience it should be.

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Build or buy?

It really depends on what it is you want

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Purchasing from EKKA

An unparalleled customized approach

Be it new or pre-owned EKKA is your one-stop-shop. The yacht builders we represent and our experience and successful track-record in brokerage give you freedom of choice. Our customized approach will help you own the yacht of your dreams. Our expert team will make the experience one you will want to repeat. Some day.

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