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Kostas Themelis

Kostas Themelis

Director - Yacht Sales



Kostas has been with the company since 1985. A member of the board and a shareholder, Kostas has been with the company through all phases of the recent Greek yachting history. With one of the most admirable sales track-records in Greek new-building sales, Kostas together with George Kyriazakos worked very successfully in making EKKA Yachts a key dealer for Ferretti in the 90s, and Greece one of the most important markets for Ferretti’s growth.

Kostas, although involved mostly with Motor-Yacht sales throughout his career, has always had a secret passion for sailing yachts. In fact, during the early years of EKKA Yachts he worked extensively with shipyards like Grand Soleil, and also sailed important races in the 70s.

Kostas is a father of two daughters and an avid traveller. During his free time he enjoys discovering and exploring the secrets of Greek and foreign quality vineyards.

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